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The enhanced ecommerce plug-in for analytics.js enables the measurement of user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across the user's shopping experience, including: product.. Analytics has partnered with Ecommerce platform providers to provide pre-built integrations for our joint customers. If you use one of these platforms, you can take advantage of Enhanced Ecommerce..

Enhanced Ecommerce ist eine neu eingeführtee-Commerce-Funktion von Google Analytics, welche die Sammlung und Analyse reichhaltiger verhaltensspezifischer Daten und Transaktionsdaten zum E-Commerce ermöglicht GOOGLE ANALYTICS + ENHANCED ECOMMERCE REPORTS. Enhanced eCommerce Google analytics plugin tracks the entire user journey on your ecommerce store from home page to product views and from cart page to checkout page to thank you page. For any eCommerce business, the most important is to know the accurate conversion %. If you know the accurate conversion % for your eCommerce store and you have the visibility on the entire eCommerce funnel, then only you can better channelize your marketing as. Mit Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce können Sie noch mehr Informationen erhalten. Dies ist eine Erweiterung für Google Analytics, die weitere Statistiken speziell für Onlineshops bietet. So können Sie zum Beispiel herausfinden, wie viele Ihrer Kunden den Bestellvorgang in Ihrem Shop in bestimmten Schritten verlassen, ohne etwas zu kaufen If you'd like to inspect the hits, just open up the developer tools or use the Google Analytics Debugger to see what's going on. Google Analytics technology used in this demo The Enhanced Ecommerce demo uses analytics.js and the Enhanced Ecommerce (ec.js) plugin for analytics.js to send data to Google Analytics

Install Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Variables in GTM This will prepare your Google Tag Manager account to send in the right data. All we need to do is install Enhanced Ecommerce tracking variables. We just need to model the eCommerce object as it is explained in the developer resources for Enhanced Ecommerce specifications Google Universal Analytics Enhanced E-Commerce für Shopware Umfangreiche und tiefgehende Datenanalyse für Shopware dank vollständiger Universal Analytics-Unterstützung. Mit diesem Plugin unterstützt Shopware mit nur wenigen Klicks das neue, umfangreiche E-Commerce-Tracking, welches im Rahmen von Universal Analytics veröffentlicht wurde What is enhanced ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics. Enhanced ecommerce provides deeper insight into the ecommerce engagement of your users. Enhanced ecommerce tracking is a complete revamp of the traditional ecommerce tracking in the sense that, it provides many more ways to collect and analyze ecommerce data Dieses Plug-in ermöglicht durch die Integration des Google Tag Managers das E-Commerce Tracking und darüber hinaus auch das Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics. Durch das E-Commerce Tracking kann sowohl eine Bestands- als auch die darauf folgende Potentialanalyse durchgeführt werden Google Analytics has two types of Ecommerce reports: Standard and Enhanced. They both tell you what products were purchased, how many products were purchased, and the amount of revenue those products generated. The difference is that the Enhanced reports show you more information than the Standard reports

Enhanced Ecommerce is certainly one of the finest reporting user interface features that Google Analytics has to offer. Enhanced Ecommerce, as the name implies, is a set of dimensions, metrics, and reports, which combine to provide you with a fairly complete view into how users are interacting with your products in your webstore Insight into on-site behavior lets retailers make smarter decisions, and Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics provides understanding of pre-purchase shopping behavior and product performance. Its..

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  1. Unlike Enhance Ecommerce there is no built-in Ecommerce integration in GA4. This means that it's more than just an automated button click in order to capture the necessary data from the dataLayer. Step 1: view_item To create an Ecommerce tag in Google Tag Manager, you need to create a new Google Analytics 4 Event tag
  2. Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that helps you track visitors and conversions on your store. BigCommerce has updated the Google Analytics integration to support Enhanced Ecommerce. As apart of the Enhanced ECommerce feature, Stencil themes now support Data Tags
  3. The Corresponding Enhanced Ecommerce action column refers to what the analogy in Enhanced Ecommerce would be. It's not just an analogy, though, as there's a migration path available when upgrading from Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce to GA4 Ecommerce
  4. Mit dem Erweiterten E-Commerce Tracking (Enhanced E-Commerce) bietet Google Analytics Berichte, um die gesamte User-Journey durch den Shop zu verfolgen. Hier findet ihr 7 Punkte, die euch helfen, das volle Potential der E-Commerce Berichte in Analytics zu nutzen
  5. Settings page. From there, click on the eCommerce settings

Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics can help you answer all of the above, and lots of other questions. You'll be able to map your customers' journey from the very first visit to a purchase. For example, you can: Uncover how many times a particular product was purchased. Group your products into product lists, such as Recently Viewed Products, Related Products and New Products. Use these. Three words: enhanced ecommerce plugin. Introduced about two years ago, the Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce plugin - or ec.js - offers up the kind of data you could only dream of in the past. And yet, many ecommerce sites still aren't using it. Out With the Ol Enhanced ecommerce for Google Analytics will provide valuable information about your users' purchases and shopping behaviors. By enabling enhanced ecommerce, it will allow you to analyze and get insights into the performance of your product lists and visitors' shopping experiences. The recommended way to enable and implement enhanced ecommerce is through Google Tag Manager. Here are the. Google recently announced a program called Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics, which utilizes further data for eCommerce site owners, not only helping you understand what types of customers are coming to your website, but how they respond while moving about the site.. It replaces and adds to the current reports you receive for Google Analytics, but it incorporates a funnel system to hone. Whether or not you use Google Tag Manager, the whole process of setting up enhanced ecommerce tracking on your Shopify store is still the same. Follow the steps below: Step-1: Make sure that Google Analytics is correctly installed on your website via Shopify (as explained in this article: How to correctly set up Google Analytics for Shopify Store)

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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce vs. standard ecommerce. GA Ecommerce Enabled: GA Enhanced Ecommerce Enabled . What is Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce? Overview. This report is similar to the one that comes with GA Standard Ecommerce tracking and gives you an eCommerce performance overview. But with EE, you get more granular data. By default, unique purchases and quantity have been left. The Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce functionality expands the opportunities you get with Google Analytics giving you an unprecedented depth of insight into your web store effectiveness. With Enhanced Ecommerce, you can follow your customers every step of their journey across your website. You can see how and where they tend to make the purchase or leave the web store without conversion Traditional eCommerce vs enhanced eCommerce tracking. Google Analytics is used by most of the website owners to track the performance of their website.. But that information is not enough for an eCommerce website.. Just with the top pages, source of the traffic and the bounce rate, you will not be able to optimize your eCommerce store Without question, Google Tag Manager is the simplest and best way to enable Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. If you already use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track page views, you must send ecommerce data via Google Tag Manager. If you don't already use GTM, it's simple to set up: just activate Enhanced Ecommerce within your Google Analytics tags and use a dataLayer as an ecommerce.

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Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is the next generation of the popular free tool Google Analytics. It uses a completely different data model as well as new reports and user interface. GTM4WP uses the recommended event names of Google to send ecommerce actions like add to cart, product click or purchase Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics - Ein umfassender Überblick! 09.06.15, Michaela Linhart, Geschätzte Lesedauer: 6 Minuten Es ist schon ein Weilchen her seitdem Google Analytics das neue Enhanced Ecommerce Feature veröffentlicht hat Plugin setup and synchronization with a Google Analytics account will take no more than 3 minutes. Right after that, you will get a powerful assistant for analytics of your business. Our Enhanced eCommerce module will help you to be familiar with the events of any movement at any given time

Magento: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. Shopify: Actionable Google Analytics. WooCommerce: Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin 2) Manually Implementing the Data Layers. Even though major platforms do provide plugin support, you may encounter a scenario where your CMS doesn't have a plugin yet (E.g., BigCommerce or OpenCart), or you have a custom built an ecommerce store using a. In this article, I will show you how to setup Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce tracking in Shopify and give away free pre-built goals and dashboard for your Shopify store. Add Google Analytics to Shopify. Before you set up ecommerce tracking, it's important that you add Google Analytics tracking ID. In case if you haven't yet connected analytics with Shopify, follow the steps below. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce enables users to track impressions, add to cart and other user journey details at a product level using a very simple implementation. An elementary implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce tagging gives you data for individual products, most importantly, we can easily add categories and brand properties which helps us to evaluate the data from various. Enhanced Ecommerce ist eine komplette Überarbeitung der Art und Weise wie Google Analytics im E-Commerce misst, erklärt Google. Weitere Details liefert eine englischsprachige Hilfeseite. Enhanced Ecommerce adds functionality to your Google Analytics reports. Enhanced ecommerce shows when customers added items to their shopping carts, when they started the checkout process, and when they completed a purchase. You can also use enhanced ecommerce to identify segments of customers who fall out of the shopping funnel

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: Das ultimative Controlling-Tool für Onlineshop-Betreiber. Seit mehr als fünf Monaten ist die neue Funktion in Google Analytics für Onlineshop-Betreiber unter dem Namen Enhanced Ecommerce online. Viele Webcontrolling-Lösungen wie Econda oder Webtrekk bieten seit geraumer Zeit ähnliche Funktionen, nun hat Google auf die Konkurrenz reagiert und eine.

Step 2: Enable Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics. Next, you'll have to enable Enhanced Ecommerce option in Google Analytics. It is through this option that Analytics can detect and track your online store. And to enable it, to your Google Analytics account and then select the website or property for which you want to set up tracking. Then click on Admin. Next, click on Ecommerce. This is where Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce came to let you dive deeper to scrutinize customer data and fish out details you need to understand the customer behavior. In order to determine where you need to optimize your business more, you need to gain insights into your potential customer journey. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce doesn't just let you keep track of the performance of. Summary: Google Analytics and Enhanced Ecommerce. Remember these key takeaways before chapter 3: Google Analytics is a free marketing analysis tool that gives businesses an understanding of the traffic coming to their websites and helps them identify opportunities for improvement Standard Google Analytics configurations provide reports on real-time website performance, audience, acquisition.

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  1. Google Analytics helps marketers make data driven decisions to improve business. It organizes raw data into informational summaries that provides a snapshot of the business. The role of the marketer is to then analyze that data and apply it to improve website performance. With e-commerce businesses, they need to not only understand the good things happening on their websites, but also the.
  2. Enhanced Ecommerce offers marketers the ability to fully customise Google Analytics around your website's purchasing funnel. A robust installation of the plugin unlocks new dimensions and metrics which collectively offer a wealth of actionable insight into the monetary performance of your website. This includes product impressions, checkout behavioural analysis, transactions, and everything.
  3. Get the add-on https://goo.gl/tqHwBQSee the basic reports those will help you to get the insight about the sales in your store:- Shopping behaviour,- Product..
  4. After setting up Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics, you can use MonsterInsights to boost your online store's performance, as it's one of the best WordPress plugins. First, view the eCommerce report by going to Insights, then Reports, and selecting eCommerce from the menu. You'll be presented with an overview of your store with stats about conversion rate, transactions, revenue, and.

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Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce seems quite interesting, so we'll give it a try and report back the results. We'll install it, see how it performs, tell you what it can do for you, and in the end, either recommend it or not. Without further ado, let's get started. Installation process and configuration. The first thing that we need to mention is that if you have an. Then, we move our focus towards the behind the scene analysis of Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. Enhanced Ecommerce is not available out-of-the-box. It needs an implementation effort. While most of you do need to know how different pieces of Enhanced Ecommerce fit together, understanding the software development nitty-gritty is more of a Javascript and PHP skill development in this. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is built into Shopify natively, so you do not need Google Tag Manager or any other external system to get it working. This can be a drawback, however, if you wish to use Google Tag Manager to intercept and modify your data before sending it through to Google Analytics. So consider this before opting for this platform. If you realise you need to use Google.

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Enhanced Ecommerce Explained. Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce offers critical additional tracking in comparison with standard eCommerce analytics. These features include product views, clicks, add to cart events, remove from cart events, checkout & purchase funnels, promotion views and clicks With Google Analytics' Enhanced eCommerce tracking, you can track your cart abandonment rate and come up with measures to reduce it and boost your revenue. In this article, we'll show you how to track shopping cart abandonment rate with Google Analytics. Let's start What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment and Why Should You Care? Shopping cart abandonment is the single largest obstacle for. Using Google Analytics' enhanced e-commerce tracking will enable you to peek into your customers' behavior even more closely. To enable it, you'll first need to integrate Google Analytics with WordPress and set up WooCommerce. Then, simply follow these three steps: Enable enhanced e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics. Install and configure the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics. Wie installiere ich das Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking? Google Analytics benötigt einige zusätzliche Informationen über die Produkte in deinem Shop, den Checkout-Prozess und die Kaufabschlüsse, um die Enhanced Ecommerce Reports zu befüllen. Schritt 1 - Die relevanten Daten müssen extrahiert und bereitgestellt werden. Schritt 2 - Wenn ein Nutzer eine Aktion ausführt (z. B. Add-to-cart.

To do an automatic install of Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New. In the search field type Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce and click Search Plugins. Once you have found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that link you will be. Shiv Gupta of Incrementors Web Solutions adds, Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce enables the measurement of user interactions with products on eCommerce websites across the user's shopping experience. It measures product page views, adding and removing products from shopping carts, initiated, abandoned, and completed transactions. Custom dimensions allow you to attach useful, additional. 2.2. Get the list of transactions from Google Analytics. If you're using Standard Ecommerce, go to Conversions > Ecommerce > Transactions (in Google Analytics). If you are using Enhanced Ecommerce, go to Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales performance. You'll see a list of transactions that were captured by Google Analytics. Select a certain.

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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce is the extended professional analytics for online shops to track user behavior across your e-Commerce store and get advanced reports and analytics. Alongside with the default functionality of Google Analytics, you can now generate more specific reports on shopping behavior like when customers added items to cart, started the checkout process, completed a. The set-up parameters are contained in a Google Sheet named AMP Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce by Tag Manager Italia which has the following columns: Tracking Type (contains the EEC action type) Measurement Protocol (contains the Measurement Protocol parameter in Google Universal Analytics) Example of value (contains the example value taken by the official Google guide to all the. Google Analytics Debugger & Google Tag Assistant. Use these extensions to see the hits that are being sent to Google Analytics. Real Time Reports. You should be able to see the enhanced ecommerce events in the Google Analytics Real Time reports in your unfiltered view. Processed Dat

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce does exactly that. It's a program custom-built just for online stores like yours, a powerful tool for understanding what you could be doing to make more sales. It doubles the power you get from the basic Ecommerce Tracking set up, giving you access to more in-depth analyses around product, checkout, sales, and visitor behavior data and empowering you with. The Google Analytics 4 (GA4) With GTM Support For Magento 2 extension helps open up the new GA4 platform to Magento 2 with an integration that's easy to set up and deploy. It brings the powerful functionality and ease of use of our popular Magento 2 Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce UA GTM Tracking extension to the GA4 platform so you can get ready for stepping into the future

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the traditional e-commerce tracking, which involves setting Enhanced E-commerce on Universal Analytics (the version of Google Analytics prior to GA4), is going to be progressively replaced by the new tracking based on Google Analytics 4. In other words, sooner or later, the traditional e-commerce tracking will probably be discontinued Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking for OpenCart to track your sales performance, product performance, transactions, Ecommerce conversion rate, unique purchases, source / medium, user location, time to purchase, shopping behavior, checkout behavi. This extension integrates your Google Analytics for enhanced eCommerce reporting and analysis so that you can monitor your product. Shirts You May Like. Comverges T-Shirt. $33.00. ID: f6be Google doesn't say a word on how to deal with the user changing the quantity of a line in their cart using the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin. When a user adds something to his cart, returns to the same cart in a later session and adds more of the same product it might occur that he gets a lower unit price (for example when price breaks are used by the e-commerce site) Once you've installed WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, you can choose your event names (if you don't like the defaults), ensure that enhanced eCommerce tracking is enabled in your GA account, and then you're ready to go! The plugin handles tracking and sending all of the appropriate events to Google Analytics so you can easily access your sales data and valuable store metrics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool. The free WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration connects your store to your Google Analytics account to provide basic eCommerce and site analytics, using eCommerce tracking to provide valuable metrics on your store's performance.. For advanced Google Analytics features, we recommend the WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro version Mit diesem Magento Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce-Tracking-Modul können Sie das alte Google Analytics-Tracking durch ein neues Google Universal Analytics Tracking ersetzen. Dies kommt mit Optionen wie Display-Feature, Anonymize IP und Enhanced E-Commerce-Tracking. Diese Dienste können Sie einfach auf Ihrer Magento-Website. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce & Tag Manager for WHMCS. Spring Discount: use the code spring21 to get 35% lifetime discount (link already has the discount applied) valid until 21st June 2021. 7 days free trial.Your license will be activated right after your order, you will have 7 days to pay for the module Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable

Earlier this year, Google rolled out an upgrade to Google Analytics called Enhanced Ecommerce.An addition to Google's Universal Analytics, this Enhanced Ecommerce tracking offers Google Analytics users access to data that hasn't been previously available.It includes a complete series of funnel-based reports, additional support for Google Tag Manger, and the use of the Product ID dimension Three words: Enhanced E-Commerce Plugin. Introduced about two years ago, the Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce plugin - or ec.js provides the kind of data that you could only dream of in the past. And yet, many e-commerce sites are still not using it Enhanced Ecommerce Reports offers lots of new insights & data. In this exclusive blogpost, we share with you product demand analysis that can help you grow your store revenue. Learn What is Product Demand Analysis, How to arrive at product demand analysis & what insights/ actions you can generate from the analysis Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics is the next generation of e-commerce tracking with lots of new features. If you are new to this please read the introduction article of the Google help first. Step 0: pre-setup checks. Before you get started please review the following checklist to ensure everything is setup properly on your side: Turn on Enhanced Ecommerce in your Analytics settings.

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The Enhanced Ecommerce tracking is my favorite feature of Google Analytics, yet so many companies are not using most of its features. It's time to turn this into your competitive advantage. While there are other creative use cases, in this article I'm focusing on tracking the websites that are actually selling goods or services online. The goal of this article is to provide an up-to-date. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking is a complete modernisation of classic ecommerce tracking. It provides you deeper insights into ecommerce engagement of user checkout behaviour. info@mediotix.com +91 9990663211. About Us. Smart Dashboard. Performance Dashboard. Google Data Studio. Services. SCol1 Digital Analytics Google Tag Manager App Analytics A/B & Multivariant Testing Funnel.

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Enhanced Ecommerce Guide for Google Tag Manager. (Simo Ahava) Enhanced Ecommerce (UA) Developers Guide. (Google) Top 15 Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation Tips. (Online Metrics) Issue #2: Not Defining the Scope of Your Project First (Strategic) The Enhanced Ecommerce module comes with a full set of reports in Google Analytics By using enhanced eCommerce tracking features of Google Analytics, you can easily track the performance of your WordPress eCommerce store. But, how you can enable it on Google Analytics and track enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP on your WordPress website? Let's find out in this post Google Analytics works great to capture revenue numbers, but if you want to incorporate margins and other metrics you might want to make an external analysis as well. Enhanced Ecommerce offers a lot, but sometimes you want to use different tools and modules to get the best picture of what's working and what's not analytics google analytics A Practical Guide to Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce. By Aaron December 26, 2019 No Comments.

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Das Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking liefert, wie der Name schon sagt, einen verbesserten Einblick in die Kaufabläufe eines Shops. Nicht alle Berichte können in vollem Umfang vom einfachen Analytics-Nutzer sinnvoll ausgewertet werden und können so eventuell zu einem Informationsüberfluss führen. Deshalb ist vor allem beim EET ratsam, im Vorfeld ein Konzept zu erarbeiten Google Analytics neue Funktionen für Shops - Enhanced eCommerce Neue Version des OXID Modul: Google eCommerce Tracking V1.5.3 Mit den neuen Funktionen von Google Analytics enhanced eCommerce, wird die Shopanalyse für Betreiber und Agenturen weiter verbessert. Artikel werden nun bereits im Warenkorb erfasst, sodass diese Daten auch dann verfügbar sind, wenn der Kunde den Kauf [ Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics is a powerful tool that we strongly recommend for ecommerce websites. Stay tuned for our tutorial to learn step by step how to implement Enhanced Ecommerce. If you have questions about Enhanced Ecommerce, feel free to send me an e-mail. Search the Blog . Search for: hi@amazeemetrics.com. Zürich. Förrlibuckstrasse 30. 8005 Zürich. Switzerland. Cape Town. Enhanced Ecommerce is a recently introduced Google Analytics ecommerce feature that enables the collection and analysis of rich ecommerce behavioral and transactional data. Specifically, Enhanced Ecommerce helps marketers and ecommerce managers better understand customer behavior and the effectiveness of their merchandising efforts

Vor knapp neun Monaten stellte Google im Rahmen der Konferenz Google Analytics Summit die neuen Möglichkeiten des Enhanced Ecommerce Trackings vor. Diese neuen Funktionen und Möglichkeiten wurden im Rahmen der Neuerungen von Universal Analytics implementiert. Sie richten sich an Shopbetreiber, die die Customer Journey (Weg des Nutzers) innerhalb ihres Shops besser analysieren möchten 5. Once finished configuring our E-commerce Google Analytics app and enabling enhanced eCommerce reporting in your Google Analytics account, go to your site frontend and place the order. 6.Now go to your Google Analytics page > move to Reporting tab. 7. In the reporting page, click Conversions > Ecommerce > Shopping Analysis > Shopping Behavior.

In Google Analytics, the Standard and Enhanced eCommerce reports offer two different ways to analyse your revenue and optimise your customer journey. The Enhanced eCommerce reports offer more information, however, setting them up requires more work and may include a cost if you were to outsource the setup Enable Enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. Now, we have to enable the enhanced eCommerce tracking in Google analytics, to your Google Analytics account and choose the website on which you want to enable it. Click on the Admin tab from the left side menu With Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce, you'll gain quick and easy access to the whole analytics package, which will provide you with some of the most detailed data analysis tools we've come across. Don't be put off by the sheer volume of it all; the user interface is very intuitive, breaking everything up into smaller, easier-to-comprehend chunks that won't. Google analytics enhanced ecommerce: order of checkout steps. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. Active 2 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 1k times 2. I really cant find the answer in official Google documentation: Is it. Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS lets you see the overall state of the performance of your WHMCS, and provides the ability to enable three categories of related metrics on: Shopping Behavior Analysis. The Shopping Behavior Analysis report lets you see the number of sessions that included each stage of your purchase funnel, how many sessions continued from one step to the next.

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