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Drake's fifth proper studio album is richly produced, studded with gems, and grapples with his fatherhood in a way that casts his arrested development into sharp relief. Drake was hiding a child... Five Leaves Left is my least favourite of Drake's three studio albums, but it's still a gorgeous and mystical near-masterpiece. Drake and his acoustic guitar are the centrepiece, but he does enjoy various accompaniments, with strings and with members of Pentangle and Fairport Convention. Drake accompanies himself on piano on 'Saturday Sun', while 'Way To Blue' drops Drake's guitar altogether and just leaves the strings Review: Drake's 'Scorpion' Is Indulgent, Obsessive and Brilliant - Just What We've Come to Expect The rapper opens up about his newly revealed son and reminds everyone why he's the poet laureate of.. Reviewing the album upon its release in 1978, critic Robert Christgau wrote, Because Gaye's self-involvement is so open and unmediated... it retains unusual documentary charm. The same could be.. Drake begins the album with his tradition of pointed bars, includes a pair of slow burners with R&B vocals from Giveon and Chris Brown, and links up with Future and Young Thug for a solid, if..

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  1. VIEWS. Drake's fourth proper album feels claustrophobic and too long and weirdly monotone, but the occasional tweaks in sound lead to a few great moments. Know thyself.. — Socrates
  2. By the time of these sessions, Drake had retreated so deeply into his own internal world that it is difficult to say what the songs are about. His lyrics are so compressed as to be kind of.
  3. Ranking Drake's Albums From Worst to Best Now that we've sat with 'Scoprion,' it's time to evaluate the current state of Drizzy's discography
  4. Drake's career has been built on collapsing walls, and One Dance, one of the early singles from his new album, Views, is a vivacious fulfillment of his promise as hip-hop's great.
  5. 3 thoughts on Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes (Album Review) David L says: May 1, 2020 at 8:12 am. Pain 1993 would've been my favorite but carti completely trashed his verse now it's nowhere close smh. Top 5: 1. Desires (80) 2. D4L (80) 3. Not you too (70) 4. Losses (65) 5. Pain 1993 (50) [Could've easily been a 90 but man that carti verse was a 0 it canceled it out] Bottom 5: 10.
  6. Acompanhar o trabalho do Drake é como estar numa montanha russa, quando ele parece estar subindo na qualidade (Laugh Now, Cry Later) vem um single básico desses, não sei mais o que esperar do próximo album, vou manter meu otimismo e curiosidade pra ouvir mas sinceramente depois dessa fica meio difícil. 5. 1mo. tomurica

Album Reviews Reviews [OVO; 2020] It's still all too easy to recall a time in which Drake insisted he would never fall off. For years now, he's reached for whatever keeps his brand afloat, and for some time was rather savvy about it Drake has never merely plucked low hanging fruits from the revenue tree. In between creating cohesive statement albums (or mixtapes, or playlists), he pioneered the now ubiquitous strategy. If More Life was steady and sprawling, Scorpion -- Drake's latest album, released on Friday (June 29) -- is, by contrast, a kind of reckoning

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The version of Drake that Drake is referencing on that song is the Drake of 2009, a guy with humbler ambitions. A guy that was gone, but not totally forgotten. The Drake of 2019 has moved into the.. Drake 'VIEWS' 1 Listen Album Review. At the height of his powers, Drake released a 20-song album that's surprisingly slow but still offers up some real moments. Albums. Drake 'Dark Lane Demo. Drake 'VIEWS' 1 Listen Album Review At the height of his powers, Drake released a 20-song album that's surprisingly slow but still offers up some real moments. Albums

Drake - More Life (Album Review) It looks like 'More Life' is finally here, and unfortunately I'm drunk right now rating it because he decided to release it at 6PM on a Saturday (SMH). So what do I expect from this playlist/mixtape/album you ask? I expect a whole bunch of features, some tough ass records, and lots of UK inspired music! With that being said, this project can be his most. Drake has announced that he's dropping his sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, this year. Drake has announced that he's delayed the release of his sixth album Certified Lover Boy, the highly.

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The bubbling Passionfruit is Drake at his smooth, melancholy best, showing off his skill at creating surprising melodies and entrancing atmosphere. These moments are too few and far between and most of the record sits right in the center of the rut Drake has dug for himself over the years His 1969 debut, Five Leaves Left, is a pretty mood piece, with Drake's guitar often accompanied by the bass of Danny Thompson (from contemporary folk-rock band Pentangle) and by Robert Kirby's string arrangements. 1971's Bryter Layter is more detailed - Drake is accompanied by a rhythm section on almost every tune. 1972's final album, Pink Moon, is stark, with Drake performing. Listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cimoNqiulUE&ob=av2eOn Drake's latest album, the Canadian rapper and singer embraces what makes him unique, and sounds.. If More Life was steady and sprawling, Scorpion -- Drake's latest album, released on Friday (June 29) -- is, by contrast, a kind of reckoning

Following his leap to top-tier stardom, Drake's newfound confidence brought an aggressive tone to a third album high on rap, ice-cold R&B and mostly lacking in guest slots - although Jay-Z did. Drake reveals so much of himself on Nothing Was the Same that it's easy to poke holes in his tortured-player persona: After a while, his confessions start to sound like sneaky boasts about all. Read the review of Canadian rapper Drake's star studded album 'Thank Me Later' featuring tracks 'Miss Me', 'Over' and 'Best I Ever Had'

We figured two weeks was enough time to see judge newest project 'More Life' stacked up against the rest of Dreak's catalog. Here's our ranking of Drake's albums; starting, of course, from the bottom Drake: If You're Reading This, It's Too Late review - intimate, intense, wistful 4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. Drake's surprise album release might be a stopgap, but it offers plenty to love.

For our purposes, a Drake album is anything he released after signing with a major label (which means So Far Gone is ineligible. Sorry). Keep scrolling to see them ranked from worst to best. 8. What A Time To Be Alive What A Time To Be Alive was released on September 20, 2015. Cash Money Records Drake's 2015 collaborative mixtape with Future was famously written and recorded in just. Reviews neue Alben Features. Film & TV. Netflix Prime Scorpion im Stream: Drakes neues Album ist da Drake referiert darüber, wie Instagram eine Scheinwelt erzeugt, in der jeder nur. Mostly, Drake stretches out over languid, austerely plush tracks that blur hip-hop, R&B and downtempo dance music. Over My Dead Body opens the album with a dreamweave of cascading pianos and.

Scorpion was both the second best-selling album of 2018 and the worst-reviewed album of Drake's career, which leaves him in an intriguing position. Do you listen to the critics and pull your. Drake, Scorpion | Album Review. July 2, 2018 Posted by the musical hype Album & EP , Music, Pop Culture, Reviews. Reading Time: 6 min read [nextpage title=Side A ] Although double album 'Scorpion' could use some edits, Drake gives listeners plenty of quality listening experiences throughout its 90-minute course. Drake took one straight to the chin. Yes, I'm referencing the.

Review von Stefan Johannesberg. Drizzy bleibt Trendsetter wie Flizzy. Statt Album oder Mixtape erklimmt er über Spotify und Co das nächste Level und haut einen wilden Mix aus Features und Styles. Drake's sophomore studio album, Take Care, is as much for his fans as it is for him.The 25-year-old Toronto native took his time and care -- no pun intended -- to craft a project that best. Drake Album Review Views: Drake, the man, the meme. Views had a lot to live up to, if the sheer concentration of instant meme-ification of Drake's album cover had anything to go by Drake starts off Scary Hours 2 bragging his ass off! For those of you that think that Drake doesn't go hard enough in his music, What's Next will change your mind. Over a beat that blends trap vibes, hella bass, and old-school video game noises, Drake spits hard-hitting bars about his playboy, bossy, intelligent, and flossy ways In a three-song teaser for an upcoming album, Drake quickly reestablishes what's best about his rap-kaleidoscope nature. Drake Is Back Like He Never Left With 'Scary Hours 2': EP Review.

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Reviews Album Reviews Drake - 'Views' Review Drake's fourth album sticks to his trademark murky sound - but his downbeat introspection remains grippin Drake 'Views' album review: First impressions of an icy, restrained release. It's short on 'Know Yourself' crowd pleasers, but pretty atmospheri

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  1. ute outros and reprises, while others bleed into each other. In lesser hands it could've turned into a disorganized hodgepodge, but the album plays like a neatly pieced together puzzle. The arc comes to a close with Pound Cake.
  2. Drake's New Album 'Views' - Track By Track First Listen Review. By Luke Morgan Britton. 29th April 2016 'Views' - Drake's fourth studio album - is finally here. Since initially.
  3. g to.
  4. Drake - Care Package (Album Review) Drake's rolls out Care Package — A bevy of unreleased songs that we've all heard and loved. STREAM. TOP 5 . 5. JODECI FREESTYLE. To think, a song featuring Drake and J. Cole remained unreleased Whatever the case may be, Jodeci Freestyle doesn't lack in serious bars, as both big-time rappers spit hard about being sought after by women.
  5. Drake's highly anticipated album, 'Views,' has finally arrived. Does the project live up to the hype surrounding it? Read XXL's review to find out
  6. Drake's 25-track epic often feels like a missed opportunity. Read the NME review of the anticipated album, 'Scorpion'

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As Drake albums go, this is the Drakiest: Except for Jay Z, who shows up at the end of the album, Nothing Was the Same is an entirely solo affair, and all of Drake's tendencies are dialed up. Full Review Review: Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late Marks a Transitional Moment. Cash Money Records . By Jamieson Cox February 13, 2015 11:45 AM EST T he hints had been dropping like flies for. Editor's Note: To read our 1-Listen review of the A-SIDE of Drake's Scorpion album, click here. The first double album by a hip-hop act was released in 1988 Un album con muchas expectativas pero al ver la tracklist sabia que no iba a ir bien esto. Un doble album con un total de 25 canciones, la Un album con muchas expectativas pero al ver la tracklist sabia que no iba a ir bien esto. Un doble album con un total de 25 canciones, la cara A (a mi parecer) es mejor que la cara B donde vemos un Drake mas R&B y cantante Coming back from the dead, Drake drops his fifth studio album Scorpion. This double-sided tape comes fresh off the L's in the beef with Pusha T . Prior to this one-sided bout, Drake was on a golden streak with singles( Nice For What , God's Plan & Look Alive ) and Duppy lining us up nicely for proper a Views followup

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[76.11] Take Care begins what JPEG will never stop mentioning, the Drake Era of rap. From what I see, 808s & Heartbreak changed up the idea of being raw and MUCH more soulful over more atmospheric beats, and Drake ran with this and on this album generates that first mainstream record that will forever cement Graham as THEE sad rap boi Take Care by Drake album reviews & Metacritic score: The second studio album for the hip-hop artist features guest appearances from Andre 3000, Birdman, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Nicki Manah, Rick Ross, Rihanna,..

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Album Review: Drake, 'Scorpion' Kyle Denis June 29, 2018 December 29, 2020 Album Reviews, Music. Post navigation. Previous. Next. The time has come. Drake has finally unleashed his highly anticipated fifth official studio album, Scorpion. Presented as a double album with features from the likes of JAY-Z and Michael Jackson, Scorpion presents Drake at the top of his game. He defends his. Combining the mysticism of ancient traditions and the sonic aesthetics of today's music, Chi is an album of spontaneous music, matching saxophonist Dave Liebman with two top-class percussionists and kindred spirits, Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake. The latter collaborates with the saxophonist for the very first time, giving precious help in the rhythmic layout of a record that shares the same. Drake Scorpion / Review. Von. Fionn Birr - 2. Juli 2018. Am künstlerischen Quantensprung eines Doppelalbums haben sich schon viele Rapper probiert: 2Pac mit All Eyez On Me, Biggie mit Life After Death, Wu-Tang Clan mit Wu-Tang Forever oder Outkast und ihr ikonisches Speakerboxxx / The Love Below. All diesen Releases war gemein, dass sie die Qualitäten ihrer Protagonisten.

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Views is the fourth studio album by Canadian rapper Drake.It was released on April 29, 2016, by Cash Money Records, Republic Records, and Young Money Entertainment.Recording sessions took place from 2015 to 2016, with both Drake and his longtime collaborator and record producer 40 serving as the record's executive producers. 40 also primarily handled the production on the album alongside other. Drake 'So Far Gone' Album Review For all his originality, Drake seems to still be finding his own voice, but he's young, he's got time. Albums. Drake 'VIEWS' 1 Listen Album Review. At the. Drake initially stated that the song would not be featured on Take Care, but because of the song's unexpected success, prompting it was released as a digital and radio single on July 22, 2011 and will be on Take Care. Trust Issues was then released shortly after on his blog, but is confirmed not to be on the album via Drake's Twitter

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Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Molly Drake - Molly Drake on AllMusic - 2013 - Much like his tragically short life, Nick Drake's Drake has released his fifth studio album, Scorpion a two-disc, 25-track release that clocks in at a daunting 90 minutes.. It comes with a pretty hilarious cover, which has a throwback feel and. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake - Nick Drake on AllMusic - 1994 - Released in 1994 and curated by Joe Boyd, th Album Review: Drake - Take Care By John Deacon • 9 years ago • Reviews. This is a must-buy album! It's one of Drake's most successful achievements yet. The tracks show a large contrast in sound from mellow calming tones in one song, to lively outgoing hip hop beats in another. It's no ordinary hip hop album; Drake brings something new to the table. He has a unique skill to bring in. Drake's Scorpion album review: The rapper's new double album fails to show much personal or artistic growth, retreading old bad habits

Reviews Album Reviews. Drake - 'Dark Lane Demo Tapes' review: business as usual on rapper's forgettable stop-gap release. Drizzy fails to learn the lessons from his previous album. Drake had already changed the game. Technically, Thank Me Later, released 10 years ago, was his debut album.But with his 2009 mixtape So Far Gone, he had rocketed straight to superstardom and. Kein Album also, kein Mixtape, sondern: eine Playlist. So bezeichnete Drake im Vorfeld etwas nebulös sein neues Projekt. Was er damit meinte, wird nun klar: Anders als der Vorgänger VIEWS (2016.

The ever-prolific, ubiquitous Drake returns with yet another project, playlist-album 'More Life.'More Life features a star-studded guest list.. Drake is quite the prolific musician, without question.Equally adept at rapping at singing, his balancing act as an artist doesn't change on latest project, More Life. More Life isn't billed as an album, but rather a playlist Scorpion: Twitter has reviewed Drake's new album / Getty Images for T-Mobile. By . Natasha Sporn . 29 June 2018. D. rake fans are giving their verdict on the rapper's new album after it dropped.

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Review von Philipp Kopka Drake hat sich 2015 unbestritten zum König des Hip Hop gekrönt. Nicht weil er der größte Lyriker, waghalsigste Musiker oder talentierteste MC ist Album reviews: Drake - More Life, The Jesus And Mary Chain - Damage And Joy, and more. Also Depeche Mode - Spirit, Janka Nabay - Build Music, and The Moonlandingz - Interplanetary Class. Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes, Album Review. By WAVYPACK ® In Album Reviews. 11 months ago. Share. SHARE; TWEET; PIN; MAIL; D rake is at a rare point in his career, a precipice few artists ever reach. It's a place that warrants Drake the power to give fans whatever he'd like and they'll accept it. It's been this way for the last 5 years. Drake releases a project and lowers the fans. ALBUM REVIEW: Drake - VIEWS. SPINS 450. Words by Angela Buensuceso. First published: 10 May 2016. Last updated: 9 December 2020. Album; Genre: Hip-hop. Promoted Video. Watch Here! Release date: April 29th, 2016. Label: OVO Sound. Drake released Views, his first album since 2013's Nothing Was the Same, on April 29th. Although it has been three years since his last record, Drake has dominated.

What's Next is the first track on Drake's 2021 EP 'Scary Hours 2.' In the song, Drake sings about all the successes he has achieved throughout the years, even outside of the music career. 'Scary Hours 2' is a three-track EP released on March 5, 2021. It follows Drake's 2018 EP 'Scary Hours' which contained two tracks. Drake has tilled this soil on several albums, with little new insight or complexity unearthed here; the result is an occasionally excellent LP that feels, naggingly, like a missed opportunity. Full Review Canadian rapper Drake has released five studio albums, three compilation albums, two extended plays, seven mixtapes, 139 singles (including 80 as a featured artist), five promotional singles and 84 music videos.His music has been released on record labels Universal Motown Records and Universal Republic Records, along with subsidiaries Aspire Music Group, Young Money Entertainment and Cash. Background. Drake announced the album on Instagram on April 16, 2018, followed by the announcement of its release date on June 14. Two days before release, Scorpion was confirmed to be a double album, Drake's first, after a promotional billboard alluded to the format.The double album consists of a rap-oriented side and an R&B-oriented side, the two genres that Drake focuses on

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Der Appetithappen vor Drakes Album-Büfett. Leserwertung: 2 Punkt; Redaktionswertung: 3 Punkte; 2020: Dark Lane Demo Tapes . Der Vibe trägt die meisten Früchte. Leserwertung: 2 Punkt. Drake - 'Views' album review. Toronto's loveable rogue rapper gets introspective from a great height. By Nick Aveling Posted: Tuesday May 3 2016 Share Tweet. Advertising. Drake - 'Views' 4 out of. Album Review: Drake - Views (2016 LP) Chris Singh; May 5, 2016; Last year's If You're Reading This It's Too Late was a bold move for Drake, moving away from the ultra-relatable, slightly neurotic rapper-singer and towards something closer to street-minded hip hop, taking aim at critics over dark, brooding beats that were glued together by an adrenaline-inducing energy. It was mafioso. Tags: 2015 album reviews, album reviews, contemporary R&B, Drake, February 2015 albums, Friday the 13th, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, mixtape reviews, mixtapes, rap, rap album reviews, surprise album, urban reviews Despite announcing the release of his fourth LP in 2014 and only officially dropping it this year, Drake's entire career has seemed like a rush. Between then and the release of 'VIEWS', he's put out two commercial mixtapes - one alone, and one in collaboration with Future. Now that his fourth album's out, he's already preparing for the release of more music

Album Review: Drake - Dark Lane Demo Tapes Beats Per Minut

While Drake has never been my favorite rapper (I'm a Kendrick, Kanye, J. Cole kind of guy), I have always thoroughly enjoyed a lot of his music, and despite my hip-hop preferences, I was looking forward to Views more than almost any other album in the past five years. The reason for my anticipation was Continue reading 'Views' by Drake: Album Review Reviews Music. The Genius Of Pink Moon by Nick Drake. Nearly half a century on, this stark final album from the ill-starred troubadour remains a fascinating enigma. By Owen Bailey. 27th May 2020. Share. Email. Facebook. Twitter. Telegram. WhatsApp. Image: Estate Of Keith Morris/Redferns. The man, the myth, the music. In our age of unwatchably bombastic rock biopics, the fact that there isn. It makes one wonder if Drake means Reading to be seen as a mixed-tape rather than an official release. He hasn't yet made its role clear. For months, the star has talked about a new album coming. Background. The album's title was first announced as Views from the 6, as it first appeared from a report in a July 2014 article from Billboard. According to Drake on Twitter, the 6 is a reference to his hometown of Toronto, Ontario.On April 29, 2016, it was revealed that the title had been shortened to Views. The cover artwork for Views was released via Drake's Twitter account on April 24. Drake - Take Care review: Drake cries us a river. I probably have sat myself down around half a dozen times in an attempt to write something up for the latest Drake album, but there's something about Take Care that's making that impossible to do so. What is it

Lloyd – King Of Hearts (Promo Pics) | HipHop-N-MoreWale Unveils 'WowNew Music: Drake – 'Duppy Freestyle' (Pusha T & Kanye WestSoulja Boy – 'Love & Hate' + 'In Da Club Goin Hard

When pop historians look back at Drake's career, they'll see 2015 as the year in which he transformed from a garden-variety pop star into an all-around cultural force. His surprise mixtape (If.. Album Review: Drake - Views. Drake has multiple moments throughout these 90 minutes (that's not a typo) where he flashes greatness. Despite its corniness I'm Upset gains value over an extended period of time. Look, it's not a dope single whatsoever. However, Drizzy's flow and energy on the track are a signature moment. The tagline I'm upset! is so Drake that it makes me. Bryter Layter, an Album by Nick Drake. Released 1 November 1970 on Island (catalog no. ILPS 9134; Vinyl LP). Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Chamber Folk, Contemporary Folk. Rated #9 in the best albums of 1970, and #331 of all-time album.. Featured peformers: Nick Drake (vocals, writer), Joe Boyd (producer), John Wood (engineer), Robert Kirby (string arrangements, arrangements) Album review: Drake, 'Take Care' By Greg Kot. Nov 13, 2011 at 1:26 PM . 3 stars (out of 4) Drake, the melancholy hustler with a conscience, is back drunk-dialing former girlfriends and mourning. Album Review: Drake's 'Scorpion' By Andrew Barker. Plus Icon . Andrew Barker Senior Features Writer. barkerrant. Latest; Shock G, 'Humpty Hump' of Digital Underground, Dies at 57 2 days. Album Review: Drake - Views Jon Winkler May 1, 2016. 0 Shares 0 0 0. Ever wonder if Drake is getting too comfortable with his success? 2015 was the year that Drake proved himself to not be.

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